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June 18th O2 Islington

Huge set coming up at the O2 Islington!






Originally hailing from New Zealand, Glenn has been travelling around the world for the past 15 years, playing music in such countries as China, Malaysia, Bali, Maldives, Thailand and is now based in London, UK.

Glenn learned piano at an early age and then went on to teach himself guitar and saxophone. Influenced by so many diverse styles of music, Glenn's music is rich in texture and genres.

Having been noticed and offered a publishing deal for his music by none other than Paul McCartney himself, who met Glenn while on holiday in the Maldives, Glenn moved to London in 2003 to make his dream of a career in songwriting a reality.

Over the last 10 years Glenn has achieved numerous accolades in music including:

- being finalist in the UK Songwriting contest 4 years running, and again in 2010.

- having "The Way" released on a compilation CD of Paul McCartney's favorite tracks for UNCUT magazine

- being an award winner in the Billboard World Song Contest

- winning the Roland UK Loopstation championship in 2008/2009 and being runner up in 2010

- working with John Ravenhall - a Grammy nominated producer - on his debut Album "Extraordinary Lives", released in 2010

- having his first single "Ordinary People" include Sir Paul McCartney on bass.

- having his second single "Just No" spend 5 weeks on the BBC Radio 2 Playlist in 2011.

- releasing his second album "Platform" in 2013

- being signed by A&R Worldwide for a development deal. They are the team that helped break Coldplay, Muse, Keene, LMFAO and Adele.

- showcasing at Musexpo 2014 in Los Angeles for the American and international music and film industry.