Introducing ... The band !

I have been fortunate enough to have the most amazing and inspiring musicians join in the fun, and I am in awe at their talent and passion they bring to the band. Check them out! Glenn :)

Simon Small - Lead Guitar

With a strong grounding in blues & rock, Simon started performing live at the tender age of 14.  He has since become a busy session guitarist, both in the studio and on television, having performed alongside such artists as Rod Stewart, Enrique Iglesias, and Sir Tom Jones, to name but a few. Simon has also travelled the globe as lead guitarist with dance crossover band, 'Chicane', since 2004.

Sam Coath - Bass Guitar

A quiet and humble bass superstar - Sam has been very active on the scene - and brings a wealth of talent to the rythmn section. Apart from being a calendar pinup - his bass chops are phenomenal and is set to be one to watch in the future.

Lee Aaron - Drums

Lee Aaron
is 18 years old and has been playing drums since the age of eight. Despite his age, Lee Aaron has become a seasoned pro with hundreds of gigs under his belt playing with an eclectic mix of bands and has developed a professional edge that is refreshingly unusual. He has been likened to a young Keith Moon and the speed and accuracy of his playing is recognized by the public and pro musicians alike,
as awesome. Lee is very excited about his involvement with Glenn and his band and is looking forward to supporting Glenn on his forthcoming tour.

Alessandro Paolillo - Keyboards

Alessandro (Ale) Paolillo studied classical piano and music theory between the age of 7 and 15. In 1998 He achieved his Diploma in Keyboard and Ensemble Accompaniment at Modern Academy of Music in Florence. Between 1999 and 2001 he studied jazz piano and harmony with Andrea Pellegrini at Bonamici Jazz Academy in Pisa. Within the last 15 years Alessandro has collaborated in many projects in Italy and UK as a pianist, keyboard player, arranger, composer across different musical genres: pop, classical, jazz, rock, funky, acid jazz.He currently works as a composer for TV / film productions, arranger and as a piano and harmony teacher and ear trainer.